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Sports Belle Who?

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It’s Phil Knight’s empire. The pit bulls of the athletic apparel dog fight. Oklahoma State has been on the Nike bandwagon for some years now, and they’ve been good to the Pokes. But do you remember who outfitted the Cowboys’ football program pre-Les Miles?

That’s right, Sports Belle


Sports Belle.


I can think of nothing more synonymous with the state of the football program at that time.

Bob Simmons, AstroTurf and Sports Belle.


Moving on, here are a few interesting facts about the Poke’s uniforms throughout the years:

– OSU has had a manufacturer’s logo on the chest of the jersey every year since 2000.

– OSU hasn’t given out helmet stickers since the 2000 season.

– Week 11 of the 2011 season (Iowa State game) was the first (and only) time since the 1983 season that the Cowboys wore a tri-color helmet, jersey, and pants combination. (Pokes’ 1983 home kits were black helmet, orange jersey, white pants)

– OSU hasn’t worn a black helmet, black jersey and white pants combination in 31 years.

Here’s the list (and dates) of Oklahoma State’s football outfitters:

2002-Current: Nike


(Photo courtesy of football_edits on instagram)

1996-2001: Sports Belle


1987-1995: Russell Athletic


Pre-1987: ?????


You can check out a complete list of the Cowboys’ uniform combinations since 1980 and even create your own combos, courtesy of the Oklahoma State Athletics Department.


My five favorite college football helmets – 2012

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This is a guest post by Kyle Porter of Pistols Firing.

It’s been a wild year in college football — #1 falling over and over again, ALL the conference realignment, the worst Heisman race (and candidates) in recent memory, and some of the most horrendous uniforms anyone has ever seen (Adidas doing Adidas things, I guess).

There have been high points too though — stunning late-season affairs, perfection in South Bend, and the appeal of that looming college football playoff in two more years.

There have also been some great new threads.

Jared kindly asked me to post my five favorite helmets for the 2012 season (seriously, what was he thinking with those Wyoming helmets?!), and I gladly obliged. I’m more of a traditional guy when it comes to uniforms (love you, Penn State and Alabama) but I can do the hip Oregon-ification as well.

Without further ado, my five favorite helmets from this year.

5. Stanford gunmetal


Simple, strong, spectacular – just like the Stanford program.

4. Michigan with numbers


Who doesn’t love Michigan’s helmets? Also, I’m a sucker for adding numbers to helmets. No idea why.

3. Virginia throwback


These got wayyyyyyyyyy overlooked. Probably because Virginia sucks and they wore them in September, but man, what a great look.

2. Texas DKR


I have a silly infatuation with Texas’ whites. The subtle DKR addition was phenomenal.

1. Oklahoma State gray (new)


Well, I DO run an Oklahoma State blog. The Oregon-esque gray (I don’t know what else to call it?) look from OSU at Kansas was incredible. So many factors better than last year’s gray debut that it’s incalculable for a simple-minded blogger such as myself.

The only question is — why haven’t we gone back to it?