Best of 2010

So I’m sitting here in the press box of the OSSAA Class 2A State Football Championship at Boone Pickens Stadium, and I don’t have a whole lot to do. So, after a long year of incredible college football, I have decided to compile a list of the ten best uniform combinations in the nation this season.

10. Ohio University

            The first of two Ohio schools on my list (I’ll bet you can guess which the other one is). I’m typically not a fan of green, but the way it is paired with the white helmets is classic. The two-stripe shoulder pads and helmet are also a classy touch. Too bad they are designed by Russell; they might have been higher on the list otherwise.

9. Tulsa’s throwbacks

            These awesome alternate color throwbacks pay tribute to the Golden Hurricane’s teams of the 1950s. The bright red jersey with white “TULSA” in collegiate block lettering flows surprisingly well with the old gold pants and royal blue belt.

            “With the renovations to the stadium, we also wanted to recognize the great tradition of Tulsa football. On this special day, we wanted to honor the many outstanding teams and players that have played in this stadium, and we felt that the way to do that was by wearing throwback uniforms,” said Tulsa’s Director of Athletics Bubba Cunningham.

8. Southern Methodist University

            Classic red, white and blue is the theme of the Mustangs. The white helmet and classic Mustang logo is the kicker for me. Plus, they added a blue alternate for the 2010 season.

7. Oregon State “Giant Killers”

            These unis, designed as part of Nike’s 2010 Pro Combat line, pay tribute to the Beavers of 1967. The unproven Beavers came into the ’67 season as a complete underdog in many of their games, but finished with a 7-2-1 record and a 3-0 win over the top-ranked USC Trojans in Corvallis. The helmets were a matte black, which looked great against Oregon’s disgusting silver helmets. There half-sleeve undershirts have orange and white horizontal stripes that when paired with the jersey resemble the longer sleeves that most jerseys of the era had.

6. Nebraska

            The Cornhuskers have one of the most classic uniforms in the nation, with very little change over the years. Have you guessed that I have a soft spot for white helmets?

5. Oklahoma State “Phantom”

            Love the black. Don’t love how the Cowboys play when they wear the black.

4. Auburn

            While I’m not a fan of Gene Chizik (and especially not Cam Newton), but they sure make the orange and navy look good. Plus, it’s UnderArmour.

3. Ohio State

            Another classic uniform. The Buckeye stickers are the best.

2. Navy (vs. Army)

            Best color scheme in America, hands down. Red, white, blue and gold… the colors of a dominant team; the colors of a dominant nation. They debuted these special uniforms today in their annual battle with Army. They worked; The Midshipmen beat Army for the ninth-straight time.

  1. Air Force “Thunderbird”

These uniforms are just what they say they are; a tribute to the Thunderbirds. The Falcons added red to their color scheme, making their helmet a tri-color series of awesomeness. Red and white stripes on the shoulder pads and lightning bolts match perfectly with the American flag on the lapel.

Here it is. Say what you want, but this is scientific. These were the best uniforms in the NCAA this season. Merry Christmas and Happy Bowling.


2 Responses to “Best of 2010”

  1. Rusty Wallace Says:

    Great top 10 list!! I really love the new Nike Dry Fit Jerseys that are out, I believe that Oregon has them and a few other schools, they look intense.

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