Cowboys 4Ever

Many Oklahoma State fans have opinions about the Cowboys and Cowgirls athletic uniforms. Some like them, some don’t. But we can all agree that these jerseys and uniform kits are what represents us as a top tier NCAA powerhouse. From the flashy Nike football uniforms to the classy Polo “Swinging Pete” golf shirts to the traditional solid orange singlet of the powerhouse wrestling program, there is one common denominator: these uniforms represent success.

This blog will take you on a journey of OSU’s aesthetic history, from the very¬†beginning, when our first football team sported leather helmets and horizontally-striped socks to match their sleeve stripes. I hope to pass on my passion for Cowboy athletics to you by giving you insight to a subject that every Poke fan is intrigued by: The Orange and Black.


One Response to “Cowboys 4Ever”

  1. Dr. Lewis Says:

    The introduction is nice and well-written, but it’s a bit of a tease to the real thing. Why not go ahead and get started?

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