Old Hickory Sticks

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It’s that time of year again…

Time to polish off those clubs, buy a new glove and see how many balls you can lose off the first tee box.

Well, maybe not in Oklahoma, but it’s 88 degrees where I live today, so I’m ready to get out there.

The 2013 PGA TOUR has kicked off and there is plenty of former orange and black in the field this year. So, without further ado, I present my annual Cowboy Threads version of “Where Are They Now: Cowboy Golf Edition”.


This year will be a special one as Oklahoma’s very own Oak Tree National will debut in the world’s most unique golf tournament, the Tavistock Cup. For those of you that are unfamiliar, the Cup is a battle for the title of “World Golf and Country Club Champion”. There are six clubs that will compete this year and Oklahoma State supporters should pay VERY close attention. Team Oak Tree National will consist of Rickie Fowler, Charles Howell III, Bob Tway and Scott Verplank. The event will be held at Isleworth Golf and Country Club in Orlando, Florida and is closed to the public. No more than 4,000 sponsors and members of the participating clubs are invited and there are no ropes, so attendees can literally walk with the professionals. We’re talking walking side-by-side with Tiger Woods.

Oh yeah, I’m going to be there… (be jealous).

With that big news out of the way, let’s get started. First up, the Rainbow Connection himself, Rickie Fowler.Wells Fargo Championship - Final Round

This kid is a quickly-rising superstar on the TOUR and can be credited with single-handedly made Puma (of all brands) a major player in the golf industry. His bright colors match his play…it’s exciting, fun to watch and easy to look bad on occasion.

Equipment: Cobra
Apparel: Puma
Ball: Titleist
Other Cool Sponsors: Rolex, Crowne Plaza, Red Bull


Bo Van Pelt


This former Cowboy is one of the most consistent players and has, in my opinion, one of the coolest apparel sponsors on the TOUR. Alial Fital was created by former NFL quarterback Gibran Hamdan and is known for their unique flare they infuse in the collars of their shirts. I have a couple and love them.

Equipment: Taylor Made
Apparel: Alial Fital
Ball: Titleist
Other Cool Sponsors: MarquisJet, Embassy Suites, Humana


Hunter Mahan

Hunter Mahan

Another Cowboy known for his flare, Mahan is known as an innovator in the professional-golf-flatbill-hat industry.

Equipment: PING
Apparel: UnderArmour
Ball: Titleist
Other Cool Sponsors: NetJets, SunLife Financial, Biosteel Sports Supplements


Charles Howell III

Charles Howell III

Chucky Three Sticks averaged less than a 67 per round in his first nine rounds in 2013… Swag.

Equipment: Taylor Made / Mizuno
Apparel: Polo Ralph Lauren / Adidas (shoes)
Ball: Titleist
Other Cool Sponsors: FTI Consulting?????, Lexus


Alexander Noren


The Swedish golfer is making his rise to the top ranks of the golf world, and doing it in style.

Equipment: Callaway
Apparel: Hugo Boss
Ball: Callaway
Other Cool Sponsors: Audi


Casey Wittenberg


Casey finished number one on the Web.com money list in 2012, earning him a PGA TOUR card this year. Little-known fact about him is he is a self-proclaimed “red-meat Southern boy” that split his football allegiances between Oklahoma State and LSU. The kid is a baller.. he finished T-10 at the United States Open last year…playing with Tiger on Sunday.

Equipment: Taylor Made
Apparel: Adidas
Ball: ?????
Other Cool Sponsors: ?????


Bob Tway

Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship - Round Two

The eldest of the Tway’s on this list makes his debut at the Tavistock Cup in 2013. Not to age him, but his one major championship win (PGA Championship) came the same year that Jack Nicklaus won his final major (Masters…..1986).

Equipment: Nike Golf
Apparel: Nike Golf
Ball: Nike…or Titleist
Other Cool Sponsors: ??????, Oak Tree National


Scott Verplank


Another Poke making his Tavistock Cup debut in 2013… This guy is an NCAA Individual National Champion, U.S. Amateur Champion and finished T-4 at the PGA Championship just two years ago.

Equipment: Taylor Made
Apparel: Brooks Brothers
Ball: Titelist
Other Cool Sponsors: FlexJet…. And freaking BROOKS BROTHERS!!!!


Morgan Hoffman


Making his PGA TOUR debut this season…finished 19th on the money list on the Web.com Tour last season.

Equipment: Titleist
Apparel: RLX
Ball: Titleist
Other Cool Sponsors: ?????


Peter Uihlein



The United States Amateur Champion is on the Challenge Tour this season…

Equipment: Titleist
Apparel: FootJoy
Ball: Titleist
Other Cool Sponsors: ….need I say more?


Kevin Tway

Kevin Tway

Equipment: Nike Golf
Apparel: Nike Golf
Ball: Nike?
Other Cool Sponsors: ?????




Let’s Go Bowling!

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My Top 5 Uniform Matchups of the 2012-13 Bowl Season

5. Liberty Bowl

Iowa State vs. Tulsa



4. Chick-Fil-A Bowl

LSU vs. Clemson



3. Capital One Bowl

Georgia vs. Nebraska



2. Rose Bowl

Stanford vs. Wisconsin



1. BCS National Championship

Notre Dame vs. Alabama


Sports Belle Who?

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It’s Phil Knight’s empire. The pit bulls of the athletic apparel dog fight. Oklahoma State has been on the Nike bandwagon for some years now, and they’ve been good to the Pokes. But do you remember who outfitted the Cowboys’ football program pre-Les Miles?

That’s right, Sports Belle


Sports Belle.


I can think of nothing more synonymous with the state of the football program at that time.

Bob Simmons, AstroTurf and Sports Belle.


Moving on, here are a few interesting facts about the Poke’s uniforms throughout the years:

– OSU has had a manufacturer’s logo on the chest of the jersey every year since 2000.

– OSU hasn’t given out helmet stickers since the 2000 season.

– Week 11 of the 2011 season (Iowa State game) was the first (and only) time since the 1983 season that the Cowboys wore a tri-color helmet, jersey, and pants combination. (Pokes’ 1983 home kits were black helmet, orange jersey, white pants)

– OSU hasn’t worn a black helmet, black jersey and white pants combination in 31 years.

Here’s the list (and dates) of Oklahoma State’s football outfitters:

2002-Current: Nike


(Photo courtesy of football_edits on instagram)

1996-2001: Sports Belle


1987-1995: Russell Athletic


Pre-1987: ?????


You can check out a complete list of the Cowboys’ uniform combinations since 1980 and even create your own combos, courtesy of the Oklahoma State Athletics Department.

My five favorite college football helmets – 2012

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This is a guest post by Kyle Porter of Pistols Firing.

It’s been a wild year in college football — #1 falling over and over again, ALL the conference realignment, the worst Heisman race (and candidates) in recent memory, and some of the most horrendous uniforms anyone has ever seen (Adidas doing Adidas things, I guess).

There have been high points too though — stunning late-season affairs, perfection in South Bend, and the appeal of that looming college football playoff in two more years.

There have also been some great new threads.

Jared kindly asked me to post my five favorite helmets for the 2012 season (seriously, what was he thinking with those Wyoming helmets?!), and I gladly obliged. I’m more of a traditional guy when it comes to uniforms (love you, Penn State and Alabama) but I can do the hip Oregon-ification as well.

Without further ado, my five favorite helmets from this year.

5. Stanford gunmetal


Simple, strong, spectacular – just like the Stanford program.

4. Michigan with numbers


Who doesn’t love Michigan’s helmets? Also, I’m a sucker for adding numbers to helmets. No idea why.

3. Virginia throwback


These got wayyyyyyyyyy overlooked. Probably because Virginia sucks and they wore them in September, but man, what a great look.

2. Texas DKR


I have a silly infatuation with Texas’ whites. The subtle DKR addition was phenomenal.

1. Oklahoma State gray (new)


Well, I DO run an Oklahoma State blog. The Oregon-esque gray (I don’t know what else to call it?) look from OSU at Kansas was incredible. So many factors better than last year’s gray debut that it’s incalculable for a simple-minded blogger such as myself.

The only question is — why haven’t we gone back to it?

My Autumn Exploits In Florida

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So it’s hardly autumn in Florida… in fact its about 75 and sunny every day, but I didn’t want to make you all jealous.

I’ve been down here for 113 days, not counting five that I spent in Owasso/Velma for Thanksgiving and two in Stillwater for Homecoming, but have had the opportunity to do some amazing things already. They say “YOLO”, so my goal is to see and do as much as possible while I’m here. These are a few pictures from my short time here. 

*Be sure to follow me on Instagram at jaredgallagher and on Twitter…at the same name.*

ImageThis is my office. The Florida Citrus Bowl.


ImageThis is my other office. The First Academy Athletics. 12-0 heading into the state semifinals this weekend… Go Royals!


ImageI had a chance to tour Golf Channel’s headquarters, courtesy of Charlie Rymer. They have an amazing studio!


ImageOrlando Magic media day. Great to meet a Blue Devil legend.


ImageI got to be some of the main talent in a commercial! Okay, so it was just a Capital One Bowl commercial and they didn’t want to pay for real talent…


ImageThis is what you have to deal with when you play golf in Florida.


ImageHad the chance to meet Tony Dungy during an announcement with Russell Athletic.


ImageJust hanging out with the fine Bethune-Cookman Marching Band. 


ImageFlorida/Georgia 2012. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and it definitely lives up to it. Crazy atmosphere, amazing people and one heck of a time. 


ImageSo I went to Disney World. By myself. Yeah, I have friends, but there was something awesome about being able to do whatever I wanted, go where I wanted to go and not have to wait for any stragglers. Where All Your Dreams Come True.










Welcome Back (To Myself)

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Happy Holidays!

It’s been a while but now that I’m in the real world (or so they say), I thought I’d start updating this blog a little more regularly. If this is your first time, let me recap: I made this for a public relations class in school as a class project (thanks Bobbi Kay) and just took off with it. I’ve always been fascinated with athletic equipment and apparel, so why not create a blog dedicated to Oklahoma State?

In that light, I know we’re all still reeling from that heartbreaker on Saturday, but I wanted to comment quickly on the physical appearance of the ballgame. I’m convinced that was the best-looking Bedlam game in the rivalry’s history. Oklahoma donned their traditional home crimson (shocker), and the Pokes went with my personal favorite, the monochrome white uniforms.


It’s the cleanest look the Cowboys have in their vast arsenal of uniform options. I’m a firm believer that the only monochrome that can be successfully pulled off is white. All we needed were non-tapered shoulder and pants stripes, a new logo and get rid of Pistol Pete on the hip and it’s the perfect football uniform…to much to ask?


This college football season is a year of ingenuity. We’ve seen some crazy stuff from a uniform standpoint, and we still have six weeks to push the limit even further. Helmets are the necktie of football; teams can get creative and show their collective personality through new helmet designs. As bowl season looms, I am counting down my five favorite football helmets of the 2012 college football season.


If there’s one thing you need to understand about me, it’s that I love the matte-colored helmet trend. This is where I’ll probably lose you… I also love Wyoming’s color scheme. So when they put the two together AND added a patriotic helmet decal, I fell in love. Feast your eyes on this quirky masterpiece.



There’s not a ton I like about the Wildcats this year, uniformly speaking. The one thing that stands out is their Copper hats that they debuted against Oregon State back in September. Yeah, they’re not in the color scheme and they don’t match… blah, blah, blah. The helmets are a tribute to Arizona’s rich copper mining history, and I think that is rad.



Finally back in contention, and the Mustangs look like it. The only white helmet on the list, but I have always been a fan of the patriotic color scheme.



It takes some cojones to mess with tradition, but the Buckeyes pulled it off with this helmet design. The green helmet stickers are what make it great.



The Irish are headed to the BCS National Championship, and if it were a battle of helmets, they would win. I first saw (and tried on) the gold flake helmet at the Champs Sports Bowl last year and instantly fell in love. I’m sure even George Gipp would trade in his leather helmet for one of these bad boys. Rockne would be proud.

Now if they can just do something about those Adidas uniforms…


Check back later in the week for a special post from Pistols Guy as he debuts HIS top helmets from the season. Check out his site at http://www.pistolsfiringblog.com/


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Masters Week.

It’s one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports. For a diehard sports fan like me, the Masters has grown into one of the premier events to watch each year. As a student at Oklahoma State I have learned to love golf, and the pinnacle of the sport is hosted in Augusta, GA, each April.

The Masters is more tradition-rich than any other PGA Tour tournament. From Magnolia Lane to the Champions Locker Room to Amen Corner, the Masters is the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis 500, the Wimbledon and the Rose Bowl all bundled into one for golf fans. This year is special as it is the 75th Masters and the 25th anniversary of Jack Nicklaus’ incredible comeback win in 1986 (ESPN has a special on what might be the greatest comeback in professional golf history Wednesday at 6 p.m.).

Cowboy fans have a lot to look forward to his time around as four current and former Oklahoma State golfers will take the game’s biggest stage on Thursday. Bo Van Pelt and Hunter Mahan are returning to Augusta National, while young gun Rickie Fowler and current Cowboy Peter Uihlein both make their first appearance on golf’s biggest stage.

All four golfers will bring in a distinctly unique style to Augusta National as they all compete for the top spot.

Bo Van Pelt is the oldest of the orange foursome, turning pro in 1998, five years before the next oldest Poke. Van Pelt also garners the most traditional style on the course. He is in his first year in a deal with Titleist, using their drivers, irons and golf balls. The deal also allows him to wear Foot Joy shoes. His main apparel sponsor is a little bit unique: the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida.

Per his website (bovanpelt.com), “Bo competed in the first Nationwide Tour Event at the Miccosukee golf course. He met some of the leaders of the tribe, a friendship was formed, and a partnership began. Bo looks forward to continuing to help build the Miccosukee brand around the world as he competes on the golf course.” Van Pelt also struck a relationship with Flare, a new apparel company from Tulsa.










 Hunter Mahan is looking to improve on two consecutive top-10 finishes in the Masters with an impressive showing this weekend. Mahan has developed his own distinctive style coming into the Masters this year. He uses PING and Titleist equipment, and you can’t miss it from the massive PING logo on his new and improved flat bill hat. He has followed this trend of youngsters switching to the flat bills, along with Fowler and Dustin Johnson.

His apparel sponsor is UnderArmour , shoes are Foot Joy and sunglasses are Sundog Eyewear. Look for some pretty colorful outfits from this Cowboy.

By far the most vibrant and outgoing Cowboy at the Masters this week is Rickie Fowler. His sole sponsor for apparel is Puma, and they are going to make sure you don’t forget it. Already famous for his not-so-traditional all-orange Sunday outfit, Fowler has a knack for matching HIS flat bills with the rest of his setup.

He likes monochrome outfits and bright colors. He is also sponsored by Titleist for his equipment. Look for Rickie to make a statement this weekend, both in his style and in his play.

Finally, the amateur. Peter Uihlein gets the most exciting experience of all the Cowboys this week as he is staying in the famed Crow’s Nest inside the exclusive clubhouse at Augusta National. Playing in your first major can be a daunting task. Especially when you’re an amateur. Especially when it’s the Masters. Especially when you’re paired with the defending champion.

Uihlein said in a recent interview at Karsten Creek that he hopes to be wearing plenty of orange this week. His nerves were subsided yesterday (at least temporarily) when he played a practice round with some of the other Cowboys in the tournament. This picture was taken during today’s practice round. The round was much colder than what is expected this weekend, and here you can see Peter sporting his Swingin’ Pete team hat and a sweet argyle Augusta National quarter-zip and his Pistol Pete 59 Belt Buckle.

Looking fresh and ready to go, the Pokes have a great opportunity to make a run for the green jacket come Sunday.

 Hope you enjoyed the post, I’d love any feedback (unless you hated it), and happy Masters Week! GO POKES!